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Yes! The DesignBildr editor is fully responsive, which means you can use it on any device. Keep in mind that if you’re designing a multi-page product, such as a calendar, it will be easier to create it on a computer.

DesignBildr is an online-based tool that makes it possible for you to create unique products from scratch. You don’t need to have any design experience or learn to use complicated software because DesignBildr has everything you might need.

You can design different products, from clothing to engraved jewelry, calendars, and print products, using our intuitive online design editor. The number of combinations is endless and no product will be alike. When you finish designing, you can order unique products so that they will be delivered to your address. We ship worldwide.

DesignBildr has a wide network of partners who manufacture the products we offer in 33 countries. These countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and more.

The manufacturing country depends on the location of the customer – we always try to select the closest manufacturing plant to provide fast and affordable shipping.


DesignBildr offers print-on-demand services and prints user designs as is. It’s the user’s responsibility to make sure they are 100% happy with the design before submitting their order.

However, if there is a print quality issue, we will do everything we can to fix things. In most cases, we’ll offer a reprint but, if we determine that we can’t provide a quality product, we’ll provide a refund. Please note that we cannot refund or replace items if you simply changed your mind, made typos, used the wrong photo, or ordered the wrong size.

We aren’t being mean – we simply can’t accept returns because there is no way for us to sell your custom-made product and cover the manufacturing and shipping costs. Ordinary store-bought products can be returned because they can be resold to other customers.

Yes, we do. Shipping options vary for different products but you’ll see all the available options before you check out.

Please get in touch with all the details – order number, tracking number, and any additional information you think relevant. We’ll contact our printing partners and try to find your order.

This is typical for DTG printing and how design colors look on different color backgrounds. Usually, colors look darker or tinted on bright-colored backgrounds. This is particularly true for red, royal blue, and heather blue colors.

When creating your design, please keep that in mind and choose the most visible color options for your artworks.

The DesignBildr website belongs to BookBildr LLP and all payment processing is made via BookBildr’s account.


When that happens, the first thing to do is to check your delivery address. Some products can only be shipped to the USA and Canada, and some can’t be shipped to post boxes.

If the problem persists, contact us and send us some details plus screenshots.


We offer different types of customization depending on the product and the customization technique. While our print and DTG print products offer full customization, engraving and embroidery products can only be customized with simple text.

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