Design Editor Resources

The DesignBildr editor includes a number of resources you can use. You can access these resources by clicking on icons in the left-hand sidebar and use them to customize your design.

1. Product #

Design editor sidebar

The first icon is the Product icon. This sidebar gives you information about the customizable product you’re designing and lets you change its color, size, and quantity you’d like to order.

2. Templates #

The Templates icon provides a quick and easy way to customize a product – simply use one of our templates! Click on a template to apply it to your design and then customize it with your own colors, text, and other elements if you wish.

DesignBildr offers free and premium templates.

3. Cliparts #

Cliparts categories

DesignBildr offers free and premium cliparts you can use for your designs. Click on the Cliparts icon to access all available cliparts.

You can also click on Categories to view clipart categories or do a search.

cliparts search

4. Images #

The Images icon provides access to images. You can upload your own photos and illustrations, or use images from connected free resources: Pixabay, Unsplash, and Burst.

DesignBildr images

When using the free resources, make sure to use the Search feature to quickly find exactly what you need.

Hover over the “i” icon to preview a larger image and view information about it.

Image preview

5. Text #

Text editor

DesignBildr includes an advanced text editor, which lets you add text and typographic designs to products.

You can use one of our text templates or select any font you like (we offer 1,000+ fonts).

6. Shapes #


The Shapes icon gives you access to different shapes you can add to your design. All the shapes are vector graphics, which means you can change their color easily.

7. Layers #

DesignBildr layers

The Layers icon provides quick and easy access to all the layers used in your design.

You can show/hide layers by using the visibility option or delete layers.
‌To change the order of your layers, drag and drop them to the desired position.

You can also lock/unlock layers to disable/enable any modifications on them.

8. Drawing #

drawing editor

Click on the Drawing icon to add a free-hand drawing to your design. You can select the drawing color and size of the bush. Just click on the color you want to use and draw whatever you want on your product.

Click inside the area with the color HEX code to access the color picker and select a new color.

color picker
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