The Image Editing Toolbar

When you add an image to your design and click on the image, the Image editing toolbar will appear. You can use the tools from this toolbar to apply effects to the added image.

image editing toolbar

Let’s have a look at the features available via the Image editing toolbar.

1. Replace image #

You can replace the image by clicking on the Replace image icon.

2. Crop image #

The cropping feature lets you crop the selected image. You can either drag the corner of the cropping tool or use one of the presets. Don’t forget to click on Save to save your edits.

3. Image Mask #

With this feature, you can create an image mask for the text you enter. That way you can create amazing text effects with cool backgrounds.

To create an image mask, do the following:

  1. Upload or select the image you’d like to use as the background
add image

2. Add a new text layer, add the text box on top of the image and type the desired text

add text

3. Click on the background image and select the Mask icon to create the text mask

create mask

Similarly, you can use shapes to create shape mask images:

3. Background removal tool #

The DesignBildr editor includes a background removal tool, which you can use to delete the background in photos and images.

To use the tool, select the image and click on the Background removal icon. Then, select whether you want to remove dark or light background and adjust the slider for the tool to take effect.

4. Image filters #

Our design editor includes 20+ filters to help you quickly make your photos look professional.

image filters
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