Options and the Layout Toolbar

The DesignBildr editor lets you easily configure design options and layout.

Options #

To access the options, make sure your design is open but no elements are selected.

options menu

Click on Options to:

  • Enable/disable the auto-snapping mode
  • Automatically append a template
  • Replace the selected object instead of creating a new one when you add new elements

This is also where you can save your design for later use.

The layout toolbar #

The Layout toolbar lets you customize the picture position, transform objects, and change the fill color.

To enable the layout toolbar, click on an element, and the toolbar will appear.

layout toolbar

Fill Color #

When you’re working with text or shapes, the fill color option will appear. Use it to change the color of your text or shapes.

fill color

Follow these steps to work with the tool:

  1. Select the layer you want to adjust the color
  2. Click on the Fill Color icon on the toolbar
  3. Select a color from preset colors or enter a custom value by clicking on input, then either enter a HEX code or choose a color with your mouse
  4. To save your custom color, press the plus (+) button next to “add”
  5. Use the slider to adjust the opacity of the fill color
  6. Stroke width + Stroke color allow you to add a border color for the current layer

Arrange layers #

Use this icon to quickly arrange layers. You can move layers to the back or to the front.

arrange layers

Position #

You can quickly adjust the position of different elements and lock their position if desired.

adjust object position

Transform #

Select an object and click on this icon to transform the selected object. You can distort it, tilt it, flip it, etc.

transform object
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