The Text Editing Toolbar

The text toolbar provides all the tools for editing text you add to your designs.

This toolbar will appear once you select a text element on your design. You can use the following options:

Font family #

font family

You can change the font used on your design from the Font family drop-down menu. Click on Get more fonts to load more fonts.

Text editor #

text editor

This is where you can edit your text and adjust some settings like font size, letter spacing, and line height.

Text effects #

text effects

Use this icon to access the text effects options. The text adjustment tools become available once an effect is selected. You can also update your text right there and then.

Text styling options #

text styling

Here you can access standard text styling options such as alignment, upper/lowercase, bold, italic, and underlined.

On the right-hand side of the toolbar, you can change text color, arrange layers, and access other options.

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